Vegetable Gardens

Stanbridge Vegetable Gardens

Fruit and vegetables picked straight from your backyard are fresh and full of flavour. And economical!

We will develop a successful veggie garden plan or orchard created for your home, so you can enjoy freshly picked, tasty, nutritious veggies and fruit! Whether you have a large or small backyard in which to grow food, we design and install food gardens that will maximise your available space and suit your budget. We can create inground garden beds, raised garden beds and even trellis veggie gardens in a range of materials and designs.

When you grow your own food it taste better than shop-bought, is fresher than shop-bought, is far cheaper than  shop-bought and, most importantly, contains no chemicals from pesticides. They are 100% deliciously organic.

Our process involves first choosing the best space you have for the garden with the right amount of sunlight. We fill the beds with the best quality soil full of nutrients and organic matter to grow vigorous vitamin filled veggies.

We help with plant selection to give you the veggies you will most use and will grow best in your location and time of year. We set up irrigation so the patch waters itself.

And then you get to harvest fresh veggies and herbs straight from your own garden!

A list of our services

  • Building Timber Raised Garden Beds. If you want a natural look for your garden, a timber garden bed is unbeatable. We can use eco softwood or hardwood.
  • Fruit Tree and Orchard consultation. If you want to start a back yard orchard of just want to grow a few fruit trees in pots on a balcony we can tell you the best best to use for your situation.
  • Vegetable Garden Location Selection. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when starting a veggie garden.
  • Installing, Conditioning & Filling Soil. The soil is of utmost importance to the productivity and harvest of your veggies.
  • Plant selection. Have an expert horticulturist help you with plant selection to give you the veggies and fruit you will most use and will grow best in your location.
  • Setting up Irrigation.  We can set up your  irrigation with the right  frequency and quantity of water.
  • Composting & Worm Farming. Get setup to recycle your food waste and turn it into excellent organic nutrients for the soil.
  • Building Chicken Coop. We can create custom chook houses for your yard.


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