Garden Maintenance

Stanbridge Garden Maintenance

We are professional horticulturists so we bring knowledge and expertise many other garden maintenance companies can’t. We offer complete residential maintenance services throughout the Central Coast. We do one off tidy-ups, pre-auction makeovers as well as regular scheduled all inclusive maintenance programs. 

A list of our services

  • Hedge cutting and Shaping – Well shaped garden hedges greatly improves the appearance of your garden. Big or small we have got the gear to cut it for you.

  • Pruning – For many plants to perform their best like rose’s and fruit trees, it is very important they are pruned just right according to their needs.

  • Planting – We help with plant selection, and know how to plant so every plant has the best chance of good healthy growth.

  • Mulching – Mulching decreases water loss, prevents weeds, prevents soil errosion and looks aesthetically great. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles.

  • Soil conditioning/Fertilising – Many soils on the Central Coast are sandy and so do not hold nutrients well. Adding organic material and fertilisers greatly helps plant growth.

  • Weed, Pest and Disease control – We use a variety of methods to eliminate unwanted things in your garden. They are all safe for children and environmentally friendly.

  • Clean ups and Green waste removal – We can take all your green waste off site as needed. We will have your yard looking nice and clean.

  • Watering and Irrigation – For optimum plant growth it is very important to get watering just right. We can install drip irrigation to save water, time and money.

  • Consultations and Advice – If you hire us for regular garden maintenance all our advice and knowledge is free or you can have us come out and do a one off consultation.

  • Holiday home maintenance – Take the stress and effort out of maintaining your holiday home, let us have everything looking sharp everytime you arrive.


We are professional and fully qualified, this means you will always have a horticulturist working on your lawn and garden.


We are a small business so we get to know you and your property personally. We highly value customer service and treat everyone’s garden like it is our own.


We care about the environment and work in environmentally friendly ways. We help people live healthy lives - this is why we specialise in growing organics.

Fully Insured

With us you can rest at ease we are fully insured. Please ask for further information if you require it.