Stanbridge Landscaping

As Landscapers we take pride in our work and complete every project with the highest standard and quality.

Whether planting a hedge, building a small retaining wall or laying turf, we guarantee our work and that it will last.



New hedges, screens, ground covers, feature trees and fruit trees. We prepare the soil with organic matter, fertiliser and add anything needed to correct the PH or Sand or Clay so that your plants thrive after being planted.

Small Retaining Walls

Want to turn hills or slopes into planters, terraces and stairways? Stanbridge Gardens offers structurally sound, effective and beautiful retaining walls to complete your garden, while ensuring stability against Overturning, Sliding, Excessive Foundation Pressure and Water Uplift. Some of our retaining options are Sandstone, Brick, Block and Timber.


Laying turf to give you a beautiful new lawn. We can recommend the best turf for your needs.


Experienced Gardeners and Qualified horticulturalists


Family owned and operated business which gets to know you and your property personally.


Email us and we will come to your place to see the job and give you a quote for free.

Fully Insured

Quality work completed to the highest standards, and we are fully insured.