Garden Maintenance

Stanbridge Garden Maintenance

Have a qualified horticulturist working on your garden

As horticulturists we know how to make your garden flourish with the correct pruning and fertilising for each plant. We cover all areas of yard maintenance and come up with a schedule (fortnightly, monthly or quarterly) to visit your garden and keep it looking at its best. On each visit we do an inspection to make sure everything is healthy and to check if any pests or diseases need to be treated.

See below for our Garden Maintenance services and what sets us apart

Lawns & Edges

When Stanbridge Gardens is looking after your lawns the grass is always cut to the right height, lawns are fertilised to be green and lush and if there are any pests such as lawn grub or army worm we can identify and treat them straight away.

Hedging & Shaping

As skilled horticultural tradesman your hedges are in safe hands, whether it’s a straight box or a special topiary. We also specialise in tall hedges that seem out of reach, with our scaffolding and extension pole hedger.


Have your roses, fruit trees, and flowers pruned by a professional so you get the best blooms and crops out of your plants.

Treating Pests and diseases

If there are bugs, insects, viral or fungal diseases affecting your plants or soil we can identify the problem and treat accordingly so that everything is healthy.

Fertilising, Mulching, Weeding

We can create a fertilising schedule for your garden so that plants are fed and vibrant. Mulching is a breeze for us with our gear and we get the job done quickly and efficiently. Weeding is also a specialty of ours and we know the best way to eliminate each type of weed from your garden.


Experienced Gardeners and Qualified horticulturalists


Family owned and operated business which gets to know you and your property personally.


Email us and we will come to your place to see the job and give you a quote for free.

Fully Insured

Quality work completed to the highest standards, and we are fully insured.