Stanbridge Lawns

When Stanbridge Gardens is looking after your lawns the grass is always cut to the right height, lawns are fertilised to be green and lush and if there are any pests such as lawn grub or army worm we can identify and treat them straight away.

Fortnightly & Monthly Mowing 

Once we put you on our schedule we will be around every fortnight in summer months and once a month in winter months when the grass slows down.

We are reliable and give attention to detail to make sure nothing is missed when mowing, edging and blowing, so that everything is looking pristine when we leave.


We can fertilise your lawn when needed to keep it green and lush. We use a mixture of slow release and organic fertiliser for best results.

Treating Weeds in Lawns 

We can eradicate weeds from your lawn if you wish and make sure we get rid of bindii so bare feet can be enjoyed in the backyard. We do this using both physical and chemical methods for best results.

Treating Army Worm and Lawn Grub

If brown patches start appearing in your lawn from pests such as army worm or lawn grub then we can treat them accordingly and fix the problem.



Experienced Gardeners and Qualified horticulturalists


Family owned and operated business which gets to know you and your property personally.


Email us and we will come to your place to see the job and give you a quote for free.

Fully Insured

Quality work completed to the highest standards, and we are fully insured.